Our Vision

We envision the estuary as a fully rehabilitated ecosystem, free of harmful industrial uses, zoned for biodiversity conservation, compatible recreation, and the sustainable traditional use of renewable resources such as shellfish, herring and salmon which have provided the livelihood of local First Nations for centuries.

We wish to see the ecological integrity of the estuary restored for the benefit of First Nations people, Cowichan Valley and provincial residents and the growing number of tourists visiting this unique area for its scenic beauty, wildlife viewing, and nature-based activities and for our children and grand-children. We want to see a responsible, transparent and shared stewardship of the Cowichan Estuary involving all major stakeholders.

 Our Approach

“Think Globally, Act Locally” guides our approach to achieving our ambitious goals and objectives. In ecological terms our holistic approach is based on landscape level planning addressing the Cowichan- and Koksilah River Watersheds, their common floodplain and marshes, and the Estuary that is formed and shaped by the two Rivers.

We want to create synergies through cooperation with all stakeholders concerned about the well-being of the Cowichan and Koksilah watersheds, floodplain and marshes which form one single ecological entity. We want to build on past and on-going efforts in reaching our Vision.

CERCA’s long term goal is to help restore the ecological integrity of the Cowichan Estuary by achieving the re-zoning of abandoned industrial leases to support wildlife habitat management and recreation; and by achieving stewardship for the sustainable conservation management of the estuary, adjacent marshlands, and the floodplains and watersheds of the two Rivers.