CERCA Membership Code of Ethics

CERCA’s Code of Ethics


It is understood and accepted by CERCA members and its Board of Directors that the adoption of the following Code of Ethics and Conduct not only provides an ethical check for CERCA as a charitable non-profit organization (NGO) it also serves as a statement to beneficiaries, donors and the public that the NGO takes seriously the importance of maintaining high standards.


CERCA’s Vision:       A rehabilitated Cowichan-Koksilah Estuary zoned for biodiversity conservation, compatible recreation, and sustainable traditional use of renewable resources, an estuary that is free of harmful industrial, agricultural and residential activities.


CERCA’s Mission:    Restore the ecological integrity of the Cowichan Estuary for the benefit of First Nations people, Cowichan Valley and provincial residents, the growing number of tourists visiting this unique area for its scenic beauty, wildlife viewing, and nature-based activities, and our children and grandchildren. Achieve responsible, and transparent joint stewardship of the Cowichan Estuary involving all major stakeholders.


Standards of CERCA Activities:

  CERCA’s mission statement shall be reviewed periodically (every three years) to determine if it is still relevant. Among issues to evaluate: (a) whether the mission has been fulfilled, either by the organization or another entity, and thus whether there is a need for the organization as currently constituted to continue to exist; (b) whether the mission should be revised to reflect societal changes; or (c) whether there is a desire for the organization to address new needs which might require a new mission statement, to be addressed by the agenda of the AGM. 

Activities shall be consistent with the organization’s mission.  CERCA’s mission

is to serve as the foundation for strategic planning and as the blueprint for the organization’s activities. The NGO’s focus shall be directed toward making sure that its goals are met. The programs of the organization shall effectively and efficiently work toward achieving its stated mission. Priority activities are identified and incorporated into annual work plans adapted to CERCA’s long-term vision. The activities are being critically examined annually to determine their relevance to the mission, their efficiency and effectiveness, the value of continuing the programs or revising them and the need for new programs. The organization shall regularly seek feedback on its activities from project beneficiaries as well as other stakeholders



 CERCA shall carry out its activities with professionalism and centered on the concept of serving society.

CERCA shall maintain independence and not be rigidly aligned or affiliated with any political party, although it may share a common political or legislative cause within the limit of its mission, stated objectives and legal structure. Voluntary values and principles imply that CERCA has been incorporated by private initiative, resulting from the voluntary actions of individuals who have chosen to pursue a shared interest or concern. The retaining of voluntary values and principles shall remain a primary force in the way of working of the NGO.