Cowichan Estuary Mapping Stage I

Data were collected for the Cowichan Estuary as part of a broader project to

better understand and explore ecological and coastal flood risks along the CVRD

coast. There are two key deliverables – GIS data and an interactive 3D visual

platform – and a third additional web-based mapping tool.


GIS data were collected using a UAV and terrestrial GPS unit, and processed

using Agisoft Photoscan Pro. We have referenced data to WGS84 – the

standard global mapping datum. This enables the data we produced to be easily

integrated into web-based mapping platforms. We have provided data in three

formats –point cloud (.LAS), Digital Elevation Model (.TIF) and orthmosaic (.TIF).

Point clouds provide a detailed, georeferenced, 3D platform for assessing the

estuary, while the Digital Elevation Model and orthomosiac allows points in 3D

space to be represented on a 2D mapping interface.


We have provided several interactive, web-based and annotated 3D models built

to scale. These models serve to provide interactive content for communicating the

importance of the estuary and as a preview for an interactive, detailed model of

the entire estuary where users will be able to control water levels to visualize

changing tidal and flood conditions (read more).

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