The natural Beauty of the Cowichan Estuary, a prime tourist attraction!
These photos of the Cowichan Estuary and its wildlife were taken by photographer Barry Hetschko. Amazingly, Barry is relatively new to the hobby, having bought his first camera in March 2011! He soon developed an outstanding gift for capturing memorable shots of birds and landscapes in our estuary.

The Beauty of the Estuary

Bridge Inauguration

Adverse Impacts on the Estuary

Grounded log booms, deteriorating dock facilities of the Westcan Terminal, illegal storage of construction materials and junk, moorage of decrepit jetties and houseboats, and (possibly) non-compliance by current Leaseholder(s) with the original contractual agreements with the Ministry of Environment, all constitute an unacceptable burden on the Cowichan Estuary

Goods and Services of the Estuary