Thank you again for inviting Dan and I to the CERCA dinner last Friday evening.  It was a pleasure interacting with all of the people carefully chosen to sit at our table!

The entertainment was all fun, but it was especially interesting to see the work done by CERCA over the last several years.  Dr. Goetz Schuerholz is an inspiring and charismatic leader.

I have already signed up for the e-mail subscription.  Next I would like to join as a family membership for 2017 and make a donation. 

Thank you!!

Barb Lohrmann

Hi Goetz

 …… we are loving the new CERCA Trail. And the kiosk at the trailhead is fantastic. I love it. So I thank you for your devotion and hard work. It is much appreciated in the valley… I know that. And when I tell people about what CERCA is doing, they are blown away. Yes, they are. I am not embellishing.
 Warm regards


Letter received September 5, 2016

This past weekend while walking at the estuary with friends, we encountered your work party and heard of CERCA. I was so very impressed with the quality of the work on the viewing platform and of the beautiful, interesting signage! Thank you for all your hard work past and present on preserving, restoring this very special habitat.

..and here is my application for annual membership.

 With Thanks, Pam Bonnell

Letter received September 15, 2016

…please accept this donation in appreciation of your fine work and beautiful results.

To environment trumping industry in this fragile area.

all my best,


Letter received April 2, 2017

Beate and Goetz

Peter and I both want to congratulate you on the Symposium, in ALL its aspects. The speakers were all so good. The day was well organized. And what a service you have provided to the community by such an event. As we spoke about the symposium on Friday evening and on Saturday, we realized we couldn’t even come up with the one big highlight, because there were so many. It was a wealth of information (but not too much!), and in such a short time frame too.

 We feel much gratitude.

 Julie and Peter

Letter received April 2, 2017
Hello Goetz,
I congratulate you and Beata on a wonderful symposium. Unfortunately I had
an LNG meeting with Wsanic First Nations during the afternoon but Barbara
filled me in on what happened. The Wasnic meeting went very well.
 If there is anything I can do to help CERCA’s efforts please let me know.

Letter received April 2, 2017


Dear Goetz and Beate,

David and I really enjoyed the symposium yesterday! Stimulating talks, and a rousing conclusion offered by Eli Enns!

 Lots to think about and digest, and it was good to hear that there are plans for a follow-up workshop to start putting ideas into practice. Between the Cowichan Valley and Salt Spring Island, there sure is fertile ground to make things happen–lots of thinking and passionate heads! Incidentally, today at our Farmers’ Market we saw one of the other Salt Spring Islanders who were at the symposium, a woman who is deeply involved with climate change action and the Transition movement here on the island, and she was also positively impressed. So it seems there would definitely be opportunities to link up what you are doing in Cowichan with what is being done here!


 So let’s definitely continue the conversation after you are both back from Germany. Meanwhile, is there a way we could get a hold of Andrew Weaver’s PowerPoint? David is keen to study the data he showed!


 With warm regards, and looking forward to see you both again,


 Luisa (& David)


 Unity in Biocultural Diversity – Together we can!


Luisa Maffi (Dr.)

Co-founder/Director, Terralingua

Editor, Langscape Magazine

Letter received April 8, 2017


Hello Goetz –

Thank you so much for organizing the symposium.

I noticed video cameras recording the presentations.

Would it be possible to access the recording of the presentation
Solutions for local economy – by Beate Weber-Schuerholz ?

I would like to pursue for the Victoria area something similar to Heidelburg’s initiative with all businesses, “The Energy Transition- Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency.” Having Heidelburg’s successful initiative as an example could give the required players (municipal governments, universities, business associations and the businesses) confidence to move forward in Victoria.

Again, my thanks for organizing a most educational and inspiring symposium.



Bruce Batchelor